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The Glasshouse Mountains

The Glass House Mountains Township Is part of the very popular tourist destination, The Glass House Mountains, The area is situated in the traditional lands of the Aboriginal GUBBI GUBBI people.

The district was named by Captain Cook in 1770, while voyaging north on The Endeavour, vewing the mountains from the ship it is said that the Mountains reminded him of glass furnace houses back in Yorkshire. The Glass House Mountains consist of eleven mountains known as the Daki Comon in the Aboriginal language that translates to Stone Standing Up

The Legend of Tibrogargan and Coonowrin

In the mythology of the region, Tibrogargan was the father of all the other Glass House Mountains except Beerwah, his wife. It was said that Tibrogargan saw a rising of the waters from the sea, and called to his eldest son Coonowrin to take his mother Beerwah to a safe place; however, Coonowrin failed to do so, and in anger Tibrogargan clubbed Coonowrin and broke his neck.

The aboriginal story of the Glasshouse Mountains. The names of each of the mountains are - TIBROGARGAN - Father, BEERWAH - Mother, - COONOWRIN - Eldest, - TUNBUBUDLA and MIKETEEBUMULGARAI - Twins, ELIMBAH She is bent as she carries many cares, - ROUND She is small and fat, WILD HORSE Always strayed.

About the Glasshouse Mountains

The Mountains are volcanic in geological make-up with Mount Coonowrin (right top) the steepest and standing at 377m. Mount Tibrogargan is the next steepest and is 364m high. Mount Beerwah at 556m is the highest of the Glasshouse Mountains yet the Western Border Track is one of the more comfortable hikes for most visitors. Extreme care must be taken with some of the more challenging climbs and often inexperienced hikers are needed to be rescued from the steeper slopes of Tibrogargan.

Wonderful views of these fascinating natural structures can be had from the Glasshouse Mountain Lookout on the Glasshouse to Woodford Road and from Mary Cairncross Park on the Landsborough to Maleny Road.

Venture along the Montville Road to Mapleton and enjoy panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast from one of the many lookouts and parks along the way.


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